Technology to Make Your Life Easier

Do your job more efficiently with technology that takes the workload off of your shoulders.

A Stable Trucking Company Where Drivers Reach Their Potential

As an OTR truck driver, it’s vital that you can run your business from the road. You need to be able to submit the necessary paperwork in order to get paid properly, manage your settlements so you can file taxes properly, and communicate with your driver manager and other essential people.

Access all of that at your fingertips with the ATS Driver App. Created and maintained by an in-house development team, you’ll always have the latest features that make your job easier, plus the ability to share feedback to improve the app. Gain access to corporate communications, safety tips, educational videos and articles, and more. 

Do Your Job More Efficiently

Gain access to technology and information that makes your life easier with an in-house driver app, private social media groups, newsletters, and a Learning Center with educational articles, videos, and podcasts that keep you safe and compliant.


Protect Your Reputation With the Lytx® Driver Safety Suite

Drivers face unexpected challenges on the road every day, so it’s critical to have a best-in-class safety solution in place. Nearly 75 percent of collisions are not the truck driver’s fault, yet the driver often gets blamed.

The Lytx® Driver Safety Suite will not only help improve driving habits in order to prevent incidents in the future, but it will also protect innocent truck drivers in incidents that already happened. 

In fact, it’s already exonerated numerous drivers at ATS. There have been several instances where the law enforcement officer was going to cite the truck driver, but, after watching the video, determined the other driver was at fault.

Stay Legal With Electronic Logs in Every Truck

If you’re not working, you’re not making money. It’s that simple as an OTR truck driver. And if you work outside your hours of service (HOS), you’ll be placed out of service in no time.

With electronic logging devices (ELDs) in every truck at Anderson Trucking Service (ATS), making sure you’re staying legal is simple. Be in the know on your HOS at all times so you can keep moving.

Learn More Truck Driving Tips
Want to become a better truck driver? Grow your trucking knowledge by visiting our Learning Center and reading articles with the latest tips and tricks.