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A Stable Trucking Company Where Drivers Reach Their Potential

You’ve worked hard to get where you are in your career and you deserve the lifestyle of your choice. We understand that can be difficult if you’ve found yourself at the wrong carrier, where you might not be getting the right freight or the quality of equipment it takes to keep you running.

That’s because Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) was founded by a driver in 1955. Harold Anderson knew firsthand the challenges truck drivers, like you, face every day. So he made sure ATS had a culture that put drivers first — a culture that still exists today as his son and grandsons lead the organization.


Many truck drivers tell us a big reason they chose this career is that it helps them provide for their families. But just because you work hard to provide for the ones you love doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever be able to see them.

Now in its third generation as a family-owned business, ATS understands the importance of being with the ones you love. Get home when you need to. And, when you’re not at home, get treated with the respect you deserve. After all, you’re part of the ATS Family.

Top-Pay Carrier

The career of a truck driver isn’t easy. So why is it okay to pay truck drivers poorly for the hard work they do? We don’t think it is either.

That’s why ATS drivers earn top-of-the-industry pay — which has earned ATS the title of a certified Top-Pay Carrier from an independent third party, The National Transportation Institute.

Safety Driven

Being a truck driver is a big responsibility. You’re not only trusted with safely transporting customers’ high-value freight, but you’re also trusted to keep the motoring public safe.

That can be hard to do when your carrier gives you equipment that breaks all of the time, or if you’re asked to drive in conditions you’re not comfortable with.

With safety ingrained in the ATS culture, you won’t need to worry about being put into a situation you’re not comfortable with. That, paired with newer, well-maintained equipment, means you can rest easy knowing your safety won’t be risked just to deliver a load.

Put Your Lifestyle First
If you're ready to work for a company that puts your loved ones, your pay and your safety first, look no further than ATS.

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