Equipment Options

When it comes to the equipment you drive every day, you deserve options.


Truck Variety To Give You Choices That Fit Your Needs

Both company drivers and lease operators have access to three different tractor makes when joining Anderson Trucking Service (ATS).

Learn more about the options below:

Get Equipment Options That Suit Your Needs
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Specialized Trailers That Are More Than Just Flatbeds

Flatbed truck driver may be a commonly used term in the industry, but depending on which carrier you work for, that might be the only trailer type you pull. Not with ATS.

As a flatbed trucker, you'll pull many types of trailers, including step-decks and removable goosenecks (RGNs). See the trailer variety below:

53' Air Ride Dry Van

Air Ride Dry Van


53' Air Ride Pad Wrap Van

Air Ride Pad Wrap Dry Van

53' Air Ride Side Door Van

Air Ride Side Door Dry Van

53' Double Drop Conestoga

Double Drop Conestoga

53' Step-Deck Conestoga

Step Deck Conestoga

48' Flatbed

48-foot Flatbed

53' Flatbed

53-foot Flatbed

53' 2- & 3-Axle Step-Deck

Step Deck

53' Step-Deck Lowboy

Step Deck Lowboy

53' RGN


2-Axle Expandable RGN

Double Drop Expandable RGN

3-Axle RGN

3-Axle RGN

53' Double-Drop Expandable RGN

Double Drop Expandable RGN

8-Axle Double-Drop RGN

8-Axle Double Drop RGN

11-Axle Double-Drop RGN

11-Axle Double Drop RGN

11-Axle Double-Drop RGN

11-Axle Double Drop RGN_v2

13-Axle Double-Drop RGN

13-Axle Double Drop RGN

Blade Trailer

Blade Trailer

Schnabel Tower Trailer

Schnabel Tower Trailer

13-Axle Steerable RGN

13-Axle Steerable RGN

13-Axle Perimeter Trailer

13-Axle Perimeter Trailer

19-Axle Steerable

19-Axle Steerable

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