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A Truck Driving Career That Keeps You Moving (Up)

As you’re looking for a truck driving company to call your career home, it’s important for you to not only find a place that gives you freight options that keep you moving, but you also want a place where you can move up in your career.

When you drive for Anderson Trucking Service (ATS), you’ll get access to a variety of consistent, high-paying freight. But if you’re somebody that wants to challenge yourself with bigger and heavier freight, you can do that too.

Get the training you need to haul more difficult freight at a pace that’s right for you. Want to stop at 9-axle trailers? Great! Want to go all the way to Schnabel trailers? Done! It’s your career. Make it what you want.

Van Truck Driver Freight Opportunities

Dry van parked on desert highway

Over-the-Road (OTR)

Enjoy the freedom of the open road. Pull a variety of high-paying freight you can consistently count on.

Dry van truck parked on mountain highway


Get home more often. Stay close to home as you serve customers' needs in your area. The consistency you've been looking for.

Dry van truck parked at loading dock


Provide dedicated service to customers you can count on to keep you busy. Get to know the customers you deliver to regularly.

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Specialized/Flatbed Opportunities

Flatbed semi on dirt road

Class 4

Legal-sized and oversized loads up to
10' wide | 13' 6" tall | 80' long | 55,000 lbs.

Step-deck semi parked in harbor

Class 3

Oversized loads up to
12' wide | 13' 9" tall | 85' long | 60,000 lbs.

Double drop RGN parked outside warehouse facility

Class 2

Oversized loads up to
14' wide | 14' tall | 90' long | 65,000 lbs.

Double drop RGN with combine on it

Class 1

Oversized loads up to
14' 6" wide | 14' 6" tall | 90' long | 70,000 lbs.

Wind blade trailer on wind farm

Class 1A

Oversized loads up to
14' 6" wide | 14' 6" tall | 162' long | 70,000 lbs.

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Heavy Haul Opportunities

Three-axle removable gooseneck (RGN) pulling an excavator

Class 6

Oversized loads up to
15' 6" wide | 14' 11" tall | 120' long | 80,000 lbs.

8-axle removable gooseneck (RGN) trailer parked near mountains

Class 8

Oversized loads up to
17' wide | 15' 6" tall | 140' long | 91,000 lbs.

11-axle removable gooseneck (RGN) trailer parked in front of pilot car escort

Class 11

Oversized loads up to
20' wide | 16' tall | 160' long | 125,000 lbs.

13-axle trailer parked in dirt lot

Class 13

Oversized loads up to
22' wide | 16' 6" tall | 180' long | 165,000 lbs.

Wind tower being unloaded from a Schnabel trailer

Class 17

Schnabel trailer certified

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Grow Your Career
Take your career to the next level when you drive for ATS. Access a variety of consistent, high-paying freight that challenges you. And when you're ready to move up, we'll help you get there.

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