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What Our Social Media Followers Are Saying About ATS



I have never made such a good living. This is the best company ever!! I hate that I waited so long to come here. – Michael G.

I was handed my $4000.00 bonus as promised and got my own truck. Great company. Couldn’t ask for better people to work with. – Daphne

ATS is a company with very understanding people who care about their drivers. -Janet

Good company! I completed my lease and they’re true to their word on the completion bonus! – Kevin

Great company! – Reggie

Love this company and my job! – Scott

I’ll never find another company that cares about family and about their drivers. I just bought a brand new truck because of ATS. – Edward

I’ve never made as much consistently, or been treated as well by ANY other company I have worked for. – David

Best job I’ve ever had!! – Michael L.G.

I enjoyed my four years at ATS. Made good money. If I ever decide to go back over the road, I’ll be giving them a call. – Ernesto

They are a very good company to work for. Nice and respectful people! – Susie

Since we’ve been with ATS, we’ve bought our home, car, and built a back deck and storage building. Now we’re buying our own truck through the company. Great company to work for; we love ATS. – Janet

Best looking equipment around hands down! – Scott

Been with ATS for 8 years. Best move I could have made. They treat me well, get me home when I need to be, and I make good money. Thanks to all the people in the office that make it possible! –Michael B.

Two years here at ATS and I put $4000.00 down for 2013 Freightliner Coronado SD. There is money to be made here. – Travis

ATS has great individuals working for them. The people at this company care. – Timothy

It’s a place to call home! – Thomas

Five happy years with ATS and counting! I feel blessed to have found this company. I have a lot of respect for ATS and that is one thing I never experienced with other companies. – Jimmy

Best company I have had the pleasure to work with. They treat you like apart of the family. – Dennis

This company cares about all of their employees, both driving and non-driving, as well as those employees’ families. – Dawn

This is the best company I’ve worked for. My only regret is I should have come here 20 years ago. – Marc

ATS is family. They stick by their drivers and give us ample opportunities to be successful. – Daphne

Good company to work for! – Chris

Great company! – Marcos

On a scale from 1 to 10, ATS is a 10 in my book. All companies should be more like them. – Connie

We love working for ATS. They’re a great company; I could not ask better. Plus they keep you running with lost of miles and a great lease program. – Susie

I love this company. – Lavelle

My husband drives for them and they are an awesome company. They have nice trucks and give you plenty of time to get where you are going. – Michelle


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