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Not so long ago, a truck was a truck was a truck.

ATS Truck Equipment Today, a truck can be a technological wonder, complete with a high-end studio apartment feel. In fact, some trucks are so nice that the only advantage the highway motels have over them is the swimming pool in the back.

To assure the safety of our drivers and the timely delivery of our customers freight, we are proud to provide our company truck drivers with one of the newest fleets in the trucking industry. The average age of our tractors is only 18 months, and they are all equipped with satellite communications..

ATS is taking delivery of the new 2011 Freightliner Columbia MidRoof XT , Columbia Raised Roof, Freightliner Cascadia and for the first time International ProStars, ATS Specialized is taking delivery of Freightliner Columbia MidRoof XT , Columbia Raised Roof, Peterbilt 389 and 386, and also for the first time the International ProStars. Our Heavy Haul fleets is taking delivery of the Peterbilt 367. For years we were strictly a Freightliner company but our drivers asked for a wider selection and we have answered, with a resounding YOU GOT IT! Our drivers, drive some of the best truck hardware in the industry.

The Freightliner Columbia takes on the styling and sophistication of a new age. Legendary engineering delivers maximum reliability and durability in the traditional truck for the 21st Century.

ATS Truck Equipment

The Freightliner Cascadia When it comes to the noise in regular trucks, it’s typically not just one rattle. It’s lots of tiny little noises that add up to a racket. So we locked our engineers in the cab with sound sensors (“electronic sonar technology,” they call it) until they’d identified and quieted all the squeaks, rattles, hums and noises. The result: a truck that rides like a quiet luxury car and reduces driver stress and fatigue.

The new International ProStar is the result of five years and $300 million in development, including the continuous collaboration of dealer and customer advisory boards. Designed to provide best-in-class fuel economy, unparalleled driver satisfaction, unprecedented uptime and lowest cost of ownership.

Often imitated, never equaled, the Peterbilt Model 379 is a legendary symbol of trucking. It is the truck that defines classic long-nose conventional styling, and continues to take it to new levels of comfort, performance and reliability.

There is only one aerodynamic conventional that delivers best-in-class technology and serviceability performance while remaining – first and foremost – a driver’s truck: Peterbilt’s Model 387. The Model 387 features a bold new design available in either medium or long hood lengths, gracefully elevating it to a level of performance, durability and resale value that is worthy of the Peterbilt red oval.

No other work truck offers you more ways to tailor performance to vocational needs than the Peterbilt Model 367. The 367 is being introduced into our Heavy Haul Fleet.

Are you ready to make the big jump to Owner Operator? ATS has a great way to become an owner operator, by leasing a Pre-certified 2007 or newer Freightliner, Volvo or Peterbilt Truck.

No other trucking company is doing more for their drivers. If you want to DRIVE the best for one of the BEST trucking companies in the world pick a phone and dial 800-343-8787 and talk with an ATS Recruiter today!

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