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Archive: Ted Takasaki Fishing Tips

Life isn’t all about work, granted work is important… so is relaxation. So with that in mind, Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. has teamed up in sponsorship with Hall of Fame fisherman, Ted Takasaki!

Each month, we will be publishing Teds Fishing Tips with interviews and insight into enjoyment of fishing and catching the Big Ones. We hope you enjoy them.

By Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson

1. Rigging with the Legend

Ted sits down with legendary fisherman Ron Lindner and talks about his invention of

the original live bait rig, the Lindy Rig.

2. The Deadliest Lure
Ted is dishing the details on how he personally fishes what he calls the deadliest of

all walleye presentations: the spinner rig.

3. Fishing for the Young and Young at Heart
Ted explains the basics of enjoying your time fishing, whether you’re young or old.

4. The Mighty Missouri is Alive and Well
This time, they are writing about the real state of affairs on the Mighty (and mighty high)

Missouri River. Despite reports that the high water has put a damper on fishing…

5. Small Ball Ice Fishing
As intense angling pressure is affecting many of our lakes, the fish are slowly adapting
to more subtle presentations…

6. 3-D Walleyes
It would be easy for anglers to fall victim to the notion that the watery world
below is two-dimensional. The water’s surface is flat. Lake and river maps are flat…

7. Hot-Spring-Panfish
April is a great time to be an angler in the Midwest as the action heats up, right along with the
water. It’s a fun time to be outside after being indoors so long…

8. Turkey Hunting Excitement
Just when you thought the writing team of Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson would forever
be focused only on fishing
along comes a turkey hunting story….

9. Fishing Roy Lake
Walleyes can steal the show at South Dakota’s Roy Lake but big bass and panfish are feature
attractions as well….

10. Five Reasons to Buy a Boat
During this time of year, there’s an outdoors boat show to go to almost every weekend.
With tons of new boats to drool over, the guys will….

11. Blind Luck
It has been rumored that walleye tournament fishing is so much fun.
In most cases, there is too much water to fish and ….

12. Accessorizing Your Boat
As you get ready for another season on the water, efficiency, durability and comfort should
be your number one goal when adding final touches to…

13. First Ice Is Nice
Mike Tietjen likes thin ice. No, he isn’t keen on falling through it… What Tietjen likes about          thin ice is the action below it.

14. Chairman of the Boards
Big-water walleye expert Bruce DeShano gives up his best secrets….

14. Girls Can Hunt
Have you ever wondered why women like to hunt? We had the opportunity to do some          pheasant hunting with four outdoors women…

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