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Regional truck driving jobs are considered by most drivers to be the cream of the crop. The pay is good, and the home time is reliable. Of course, being the most desired jobs in the industry, regional trucking openings historically have been few and far between.

Drive a Pre-certified Lease Truck on a Regional Route!

But the consumer business is booming in the United States, As a result, Anderson Trucking Service, Inc.’s business is booming too. Today, there are more trucking jobs available than ever before–including those coveted regional gigs. Anderson has offering for both Van and Flatbed Regional driving jobs.

Midwest, Northeast and Southeast Regional Truck Driving Jobs

If you’re a driver committed to not just quality, but outright excellence, then ATS is looking for you. We seek the best on-the-road talent to be found. Then we do everything in our power to retain it.

Ask around. Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. is a wonderful company to work for. We offer higher-than-average starting pay. Our Company Driver benefits are impressive, and our turnover is low. Our trucks are among the youngest–and most technologically advanced–on the road. We offer regular home time. Finally, we believe that everyone in our company has the right to be treated with respect.

All in all, we’re proud of the way that we reward our drivers. As a result, our drivers are usually proud to be working for ATS. If this sounds good to you, then chances are, you’re going to sound good to us. Thanks for considering Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. in your search for regional trucking jobs. Give us a personal call at 1-800-343-8787, or continue to browse our site for more information.

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