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Part of the problem with owner operator driving jobs is that there’s no real protection against escalating fuel costs. At Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. (ATS), our Fuel Protection Plan allows our owner operators to receive fuel cards and take advantage of our network of low-cost fuel providers.

Make Money With Owner Operator Driving Jobs at ATS

Truck owner operator jobs at ATS already offer higher than average wages, affordable lease packages, fleet insurance with no money down and weekly settlements. Our Fuel Protection Plan, however, makes our owner operator trucking jobs the best in the industry. First, we calculate your fuel costs based upon weekly changes in the DOE Diesel Price Index. That way we can deduct your fuel surcharges for your owner operator driving jobs based upon what you actually paid, not some outdated figure from a couple of months ago. Second, we provide you with a fuel card that allows you to purchase fuel from our network of providers. This ensures you’re paying the lowest fuel costs in the industry so that you can make the most money on your owner operator trucking jobs.

In addition, our truck owner operator jobs allow you to take control of your independent trucking business. You can choose more miles, more time at home or more pay based upon your personal priorities. For more information on owner operator driving jobs with ATS, simply call us toll-free at (800) 343-8787..

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