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Archive: New Truck Applicant Requirements

WORK EXPERIENCE – You may qualify for the new truck program if you have had three or less jobs in the past two years and a minimum of 12 months OTR experience.

CREDIT – Reasonably good credit. This means no charge offs, judgments, unsatisfied tax liens, unpaid child support, or bankruptcy in the past two years.

STABILITY – To qualify, you must have had a continuous permanent address and phone for a minimum of the past (12) twelve months. Home ownership is an advantage.

GUARANTEE TO REMAIN CONTRACTED TO ATS – The finance company requires that all truck payments are made via settlement deduction. Any owner operators participating in the special financing portion of the “TAP” program must agree to remain contracted to ATS for the duration of the lease or contract.

DOWN PAYMENT & FINANCE OPTIONS – TRUCK POWER FINANCING – For qualified new and existing drivers with less than 1 year at ATS the minimum down payment and costs for our TAP Program are:
2012 Cascadia XT, $3,800 down, $505 per week, $10.58 FHUT
     and $0.125 per mile maintenance.
2012 Coronado XT (set back axle), $5,500 down, $505 per week, $10.58 FHUT
     and $0.125 per mile maintenance.
2012 Coronado XT (set forward axle), $6,200 down, $505 per week, $10.58 FHUT
     and $0.125 per mile maintenance.

The weekly truck payment will be deducted from your ATS settlement. There will be a two week grace period at the beginning with the first payment due at the end of the third week. Any owner operator who chooses to participate in the Truck Power financing portion of the new truck program, agrees to remain contracted to ATS for the duration of the finance contract.

MAINTENANCE ACCOUNT – We help you save in advance for your maintenance and repair costs. Twelve and a half ($0.125) cents per mile for the duration (entire term) of the lease will be withheld from each settlement. Truck Power will provide you with suggested maintenance and inspection schedules.

OPTIONAL TRUCK INSURANCE – Truck Power financed trucks also qualify for group collision insurance rates with premiums due each week to smooth out your cash flow. Depending on the value of the truck, the collision insurance premium will be from $304 – $330 monthly. The value of the truck will be adjusted annually. The bobtail insurance premium will be $8.54 per week. NOTE: Premiums are subject to change if the insurance rate changes.

OPTIONAL ACCOUNTING PROGRAM – Finally, as an independent business owner, you will need a tax accounting service to help you operate your business in a manner which complies with governmental tax regulations and helps you to reduce your taxes. American Truck Tax (ATT) offers truck tax accounting services at a reasonable rate. Their rates include preparation of your state and federal taxes. You will be required to use them unless you already have an accountant who is approved by Truck Power. Accounting fees will be deducted from your ATS settlements.

The new truck program is subject to change at any time without notice. The individual and collective sections of the program are not a promise to deliver a truck nor a guarantee of the success of an individual. Program approval and annual income are based solely on individual performance. The finance company reserves the right to approve or deny credit based on the applicants history, performance, and attitude.

If you feel you meet our requirements and would like to get more information about this exciting opportunity at Anderson Trucking Service, call us direct at 1-800-343-8787.

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