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Many independent truck drivers are looking for mileage pay or contract pay opportunities for owner operator and company driver truck driving jobs. At Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. (ATS), we offer higher than average rates, weekly settlements and other benefits while allowing you the freedom to run your trucking business the way you see fit.

Get a Mileage Pay or Contract Pay Position With ATS

When it comes to owner operator and company driver truck driving jobs, many drivers watch their profits vanish as they deal with escalating fuel costs, high insurance rates and expensive lease programs. At ATS, we offer our drivers a wide selection of benefits and services that allows these drivers to control expenses and maximize profits. For instance, our mileage pay is for the driver who likes the stability of cents per mile, while contract pay positions offer higher than average wages for the trucking industry. Our pre-certified lease purchase program allows company drivers to make the transition to owner operators without a credit check or a large down payment. We even offer weekly settlements for mileage pay and contract pay so that our drivers always have cash flow coming to the truck.

As you can see, not all company driver and owner operator truck driving jobs are created equally. At ATS, we’re proud to offer our drivers more than our competitors do. We’ve been in business for nearly 60 years, and we owe that success to the fact that we truly value our drivers. For more information about mileage pay, contract pay, lease purchase program, fuel protection program or any other of our services, please call ATS toll-free at (800) 343-8787.

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