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Archive: Driver Profile – Russell Bigham

Driver Profile - Russell BighamDriver Profile – Russell Bigham
Anderson Trucking Service
May Issue, Through The Gears
Reprinted by Permission.

When speaking to Russell Bigham, it’s quite clear how proud he is to be part of the winning team at Anderson Trucking Service.

Russell is from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and started with Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. (ATS) in December 2004 as part of their Pre-Certified Lease Purchase Program. Within one year, he completed the program and was able to purchase a new truck. With nothing but praise and good words about this exciting program that Anderson offers, Russell really believes they have covered all the bases. “They are so supportive of us as drivers,” he stated.

So what’s the best part of driving for a company like Anderson? Russell says what suits him most is getting to choose his own loads. Whatever the direction you want to go, drivers choose the option that fits their needs and keeps them up and running. “Anderson is geared to keeping you loaded and getting you miles,” Russell said.

It’s quite clear how much Russell enjoys his job driving for Anderson, but just like anyone he likes to kick back, relax and just hang out when he’s not on the road. He says he spends as much time as he can with his two daughters, Abby and Anna, when he’s on his down time at home.

Anderson has developed a unique way to help make drivers an immediate success with their Pre-Certified Lease Purchase Program. Russell agrees that the Anderson family has developed something truly special in the way they run their company and treat their drivers. “They set the company up nearly 60 years ago and have just kept improving with each year,” he stated. “Whatever the problem, someone at Anderson can help you. There is nothing that can’t be worked out.”

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