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Archive: Driver Profile – Rocky Breedlove

Driver Profile - Rocky BreedloveDriver Profile – Rocky Breedlove
Anderson Trucking Service
January Go Trucker
Reprinted by Permission.

After 24 years on the road, Rocky Breedlove knows what it takes to be successful, and that knowledge led him to AndersonbTrucking Service’s Pre-Certified Lease Purchase Program two years ago. Since then, his career has soared. “I’m successful. I’ve been in the black every settlement. I make my truck payment; I pay my insurance; I buy my fuel and I still put a
good settlement in my bank each week.”

“You feel different about being out on the road when you’re working for yourself. AND DRIVING A PAID-FOR TRUCK, really changes how you look at things”

Previously in a lease purchase agreement with another company, Breedlove needed a change. “I think Anderson’s program is the best and that’s why I went over to Anderson. I did research and I saw that the numbers were good. Anderson provided me with a chance to step-up a level. Drivers need the miles and Anderson covers that for you.”

Anderson’s proven success for 55 years attracted him also. To be that successful, “You’ve got to achieve,” Breedlove says. Most important to a driver achieving success is his fleet manager. Breedlove feels Anderson’s strive to keep the truck moving to make the person leasing the truck successful.

Breedlove’s fleet manager, Scott Olson, agrees with him about the importance of the relationship between company and contractor. “Without a strong, honest and open relationship between the fleet manager and driver, there would be no success at Anderson.” Howevever that is not the only part that makes us successful. Every person here makes Anderson successful. The Fleet Manager and driver are just part of that success.”

Rocky BreedloveAnderson’s pre-certified equipment was another contributing factor to Breedlove’s choice. “When they offer you a piece of equipment they’re offering you the best equipment that’s out there. So when you’re doing your job, you’re doing it with the Best equipment”

For Breedlove, driving a dedicated route in the Northeast has been a part of his success. A married man with four children and grandchildren, he likes to be home on a regular schedule, and his dedicated route allows for that.

But something else proved to Breedlove that Anderson was the right place for him. On his first day of orientation, he had a family emergency. Anderson was extremely supportive, allowing him and to leave for five days. They even held truck he’d picked out. The company’s actions showed Breedlove that they do have their drivers’ best interest in mind.

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