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Archive: Driver Profile – Rob Sivells

Driver Profile - Rob SivellsDriver Profile – Rob Sivells
Anderson Trucking Service
As seen in RPM February 2014
Reprinted by Permission.

What role does family play in a truck driver’s life? For Pennsylvania native Rob Sivells, family is everything. And he says he’s a vital part of two: the large household of children he and his wife head up – as well as the family of employees at Anderson Trucking Service (ATS).

“My family is a real-life Brady Bunch. When my wife and I got married, I had three boys and she had three girls. So now, when I pull up in that driveway, I know I’ve got a lot of people depending on me, and I have to do what I can to make sure my family’s taken care of,” says Sivells. Ten years ago he joined Anderson’s Van Division and he’s quick to compliment the treatment he’s received.

“ATS a very family-based company and they’ve always treated me right and have been willing to work with me. When I first started driving for ATS, I was by myself. But once I got married, being out for weeks at a time was no longer feasible for me, so they worked with me to get something that was good for me and my family. Now about 90% of what I do is on dedicated runs. I know ahead of time where I’m going and I’m home a lot more often.”

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