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Archive: Driver Profile – Rick Landrum

Driver Profile - Rick LandrumDriver Profile – Rick landrum
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As seen in Lease Purchase Trucking February 2013
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A Never-Ending Choice of Fascinating Loads

Since the day he got his CDL over twenty years ago, Rick Landrum had one goal: to own his own truck. This Texas-based trucker says that even though he worked at a few other jobs after being discharged from the Navy, he held on to that dream until 1993 when he finally went to school and got his CDL. “My neighbor drove a truck and I went to him to find out what I needed to do to get started. Once I had my license I worked for a logging outfit driving locally, but after a couple years I started looking for an over the road job,” he says. “I called up Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) and they took my application over the phone. That was on a Friday at 10 o’clock. By one o’clock that afternoon I was hired. I spent Saturday and Sunday driving to do orientation and I’ve been here ever since!”

“I love being on the road and seeing the countryside,” says Landrum, who explains that he first started out as an ATS company driver to learn the ropes. “I wanted to get the hang of being over the road and get an understanding of what areas are good for freight. Then I signed up with the Anderson lease program. “At the end of that year I got a completion bonus, which afforded me the chance to become an owner operator. Owning my own truck made me feel like I had really accomplished something. After five years I was able to pay off my truck, then I ran it for two years with no payments! Now, I’m working on paying off my second truck”.

“Because of the great pay & support, I’ve been able to support my family, pay off my truck AND my house.”

Rick LandrumLandrum, who serves with the flatbed specialized division, says he loves the variety that comes with working with ATS. “I get to choose what load offers I take depending where I want to go or what kind of freight it involves. I love the challenge,” Landrum explains. “I get to deal with some pretty interesting stuff and end up in some neat places I’d never get to see otherwise. People come up to talk to me whenever I stop somewhere. They’re fascinated to see the oversized items I haul, like windmill blades, and often pull up and take pictures of my truck. It’s a great job. I enjoy the sense of accomplishment I get when I’ve moved one of these big loads safely and undamaged,” he said. “I’d get bored if I just had to haul the same freight back and forth all the time.”

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