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Archive: Driver Profile – Norman Newson

Driver Profile - Norman NewsonDriver Profile – Norman Newson
Anderson Trucking Service
As printed in “Truck Job Seekers”
Reprinted by Permission.

After hearing about Anderson Trucking Service from a few drivers, Norman Newson decided to do a little research on the company for himself. ATS, based in St. Cloud, Minnesota, was close to home and seemed like just the right fit for him.

“This is one of the best companies I”ve ever worked for,” Newson, a resident of St. Cloud, said. “From the day I started I was more than just a number to ATS.”

With ATS” Pre-Certified Used Lease Program, Norman fulfilled the requirements of the 12-month program and was handed a bonus check for $3,200 upon completion. Then, just like going down to a dealership to pick out a new car, Norman picked out a brand new truck, which he purchased with his bonus.

“Just like they said, I used my completion bonus to enter their TAP Purchase Program,” Norman said. “I had my choice of models, and I am now the proud owner of a brand new 2006 Freightliner Columbia.”

A huge supporter of ATS” Pre-Certified Used Lease Program, Norman truly believes it is the best opportunity to get into a brand new truck. He recommends the program to anyone who is serious about becoming an Owner Operator. “ATS has the miles and the program to make anyone who wants to, be a success,” Norman stressed.

Norman lives in St. Cloud with his wife Sherrelda. Their two kids, Kaliyah, who is two and half, and Bryon, who is one and half, keep him busy during his home time. Norman says when he” not driving he” at home. When he” not at home, you can find him out driving his truck, racking up those miles. “If you”re willing to run, you are going to make money,” he said.

Norman is just one example of how ATS can help make drivers a success. “ATS gave me a chance to establish myself as a business owner,” he said.

ATS can give you that chance as well. To learn more ATS” Pre-Certified Used Lease Program or a number of other opportunities with Anderson, fill out an appliction or call a recruiter today at 800-343-8787.

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