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Archive: Driver Profile – Mike Conrad

Driver Profile - Mike ConradDriver Profile – Mike Conrad
Anderson Trucking Service
February 2013 National Truckin’ Magazine
Reprinted by Permission.

For the three decades of his life that Mike Conrad has driven the nation’s highways, he says he’s come to know what he likes and what he doesn’t like and what Mike likes is having nice, new equipment to drive. Since coming to Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) nine years ago, this Wisconsin-based father of three says he’s found what he was looking for, thanks to a lease purchase program that got him running his own business in a brand new truck.

“Mike Conrad: Working Toward a Goal!”

“When I got my truck I had to sit and wait for them to unload it, and it had exactly one mile on it,” laughs Conrad, about the 2013 Freightliner Cascadia he bought through the Top Anderson Performers (TAP) lease purchase program.

Ed DekeHe explains how satisfied he was with the process. “You start out by leasing a used truck for a year, choosing from Peterbilt, Freightliner and Volvo,” he states. “When your year’s up you get a $4,000 completion bonus and you have the choice to either lease a truck again, or use that money toward the lease purchase of a new truck, like I did,” Conrad says. Through Anderson’s TAP program, drivers may choose either a brand new Freightliner, Coronado SD XT or Cascadia XT.
This is the second TAP truck Conrad has had. “I did an earlier lease purchase on a TAP truck but I decided I wanted to try a newer truck, so I was able to turn it in and get this one,”

“My truck’s my bread and butter, and it’s great to know that anything I’m putting toward it is paying it off,” says Conrad. “This program is a good deal and quite of few drivers here are taking advantage of it.” Conrad says Anderson is keeping him busy, which means he has the money to keep up his payments. “If you want to run, they’ll run you. They’ve got a good freight base and some of the bigger, well-known companies,” he says. “They’ve always got something for you. You know with them they’re going to take care of you. I’ve had the same fleet manager for nine years and we’ve got a very good relationship, too. I would highly recommend ATS. On a scale of one to 10, they’re a 10′

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