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Archive: Driver Profile – Michael Box

Driver Profile - Michael BoxDriver Profile – Michael Box
Anderson Trucking Service
January 2014 Issue of Owner Operator
Reprinted by Permission.

Taking care of family is a priority for most truck drivers, and nowhere is this more evident than in the daily life of ATS owner operator Michael Box. As he and his wife April began to be blessed with five children in six years including one set of twins this Wisconsin based couple knew Michael needed to boost his career’s earning potential.

“The money I’m making is several times better than I was getting before, and I’m able to really take care of my family.”

Box started out working on the Mississippi River, lashing barges together in preparation for being taken down river by a tugboat. “Then somebody told me you could make good money driving trucks, and you could do it sitting down!” he laughs. “So I went to school and got my CDL. My first job was driving a car hauler, but eventually I realized that there was better money in driving flatbed. That’s when I decided to go with Anderson Trucking Service (ATS), because I wanted to be a lease operator and they have a great program.”

Jimmy Battle and Gary StangToday, Box says he enjoys the freedom being an owner operator gives him as he hauls specialized freight for ATS. “The money I’m making is several times better than I was getting before, and I’m able to really take care of my family,” says Box. “ATS has a lot of freight and they keep their drivers moving. The only time I ever sit is when I want to because of my kids.” Box usually brings along one of his kids, who range from age 11 to 16, to spend quality time with him. In between loads, he’ll often take a day off, rent a car and take his child sightseeing. “I love getting to have one of my children with me and show them the country.”

Box says that he also likes being able to lease a truck on a yearly contract, since he not interested in purchasing a truck. “ATS takes good care of me and at the end of each year I get a $4,000 completion bonus,” he states. “That’s our vacation money. I send it home to the wife and we use it to take a summer vacation every year!”

His future goals include moving up to ATS’ Heavy Haul Division some day. “ATS is a good company. They’ll let you work your way up to the top if you want to.”

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