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Archive: Driver Profile – Merrill Huber

Driver Profile - Merrill HuberDriver Profile – Merrill Huber
Anderson Trucking Service
October Profile for Women In Trucking
Reprinted by Permission.

Shortly before Merrill Huber made the switch to driving with Anderson Trucking Service, she was ready to get out of the trucking business altogether. However, things quickly took a turn for the better when a fellow driver recommended she give Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. a try.

“This is the best job I’ve ever had,” Merrill said with enthusiasm. “You are not going to hear me say one bad thing about this company. I love it here.”

When Merrill joined the Anderson family a little over a year and a half ago, she started the Pre-Certified Lease/Purchase Program, which she completed within her first year. She has nothing but praise for the program and believes it’s the best way to make the switch from company driver to owning your own truck.

“You can become an Owner Operator with no money down,” Merrill pointed out. “The best part is that I am allowed to be my own boss, but I still have all the support in the world from Anderson. It’s nice to have someone to help you along the way.”

Merrill, who now owns her own 4-axle truck and works in Anderson’s Heavy Haul division, says she is completely comfortable with the home she has made here at ATS. “Being a woman in the trucking business, Anderson doesn’t treat me any different than anyone else and that’s important,” Merrill stated.

Traveling is not only Merrill’s career, but also a passion of hers when she’s not on the job. You can often find her taking in the sites of whatever region she happens to be in. Whether she’s visiting the Mall of America in Minneapolis or catching the races in Atlanta, Merrill doesn’t take for granted her opportunity to see the country. “When you live out here, you gotta make everywhere your home,” she said.

Merrill also splits a lot of her down time between a home in Garden City, Kansas, where her grown kids live, and a home in Shawnee, Oklahoma, where her mother is located.

It’s clear when you speak with Merrill that she has a passion for what she does as well as a love for the company that employs her. “As long as your are willing to work with Anderson,” Merrill stressed, “you are going to succeed.”

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