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Archive: Driver Profile – Luke Thomas

Driver Profile - Luke ThomasDriver Profile – Luke Thomas
Anderson Trucking Service
August 2012 Big Rig Lease
Reprinted by Permission.

Ask LukeThomas for the best way to make more money as an owner operator and this heavy haul driver’s got a quick reply: “just jump in with both feet.” Now that’s pretty funny coming from someone who used to make his living jumping out of airplanes as an Army scout.


This South Carolina father of two is a third-generation trucker, whose grandfather taught him how to drive a truck as a youth. When he got out of the Army he was looking for a career with a good future. He says that’s why he came to Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) back in 1999.Today, he’s a member of the distinguished team of drivers who form the largest wind-energy transportation provider in the nation and he says he has doubled his income.

David Flanagan“I came to ATS because of their reputation”, he states. “I talked to their drivers and they all spoke really highly of the company and it just sounded like the place I wanted to be!” Thomas explains that he didn’t want to just drive a truck, but also wanted a place where he could get ahead and become an owner operator. “I started at the bottom and worked my way up until I got in heavy haul said Thomas. “I did a lease purchase with them and now I own my truck outright!’ “This is the best job I’ve ever had:” he says. “I make at least twice what I used to make and I don’t have to drive as many miles. I can run 60,000 miles in a year and make more than I used to make driving 130,000 miles a year. And I really enjoy what I’m doing because I love a job that makes you think:” says Thomas.

A wind tower can be 200 feet long and you have to be able to negotiate turns. I don’t know of any other company that has as much specialized equipment as ATS or as large a fleet. It makes me proud to be part of this team. Same way with the safety part of it, too;’ he adds. “I secure every load like my wife and kids will be riding in a car next to it. That’s the way my granddaddy taught me how to drive a truck!’

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