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Archive: Driver Profile – Joe Casteel

Driver Profile - Joe CasteelDriver Profile – Joe Casteel
Anderson Trucking Service
June 2012 ATS Career Issue
Reprinted by Permission.

This former welder got fired up about BEING HIS OWN BOSS!
For Joe Casteel, winters in Chicago meant one thing: being laid off. Trained as a welder, Casteel quickly realized that he would never reach his financial goals with the seasonal nature of the welding work that was available. So he began looking for something less risky and more profitable, and settled on becoming a truck driver.


“I got my CDL while I was working for a dumpster manufacturer,” say Casteel. “They wanted me to be able to deliver the dumpsters to customers. I found out that I liked driving.” He drove for a few years, went into construction, and then returned to driving several years later, when he came onboard with ATS. “I started with a list of 80 companies and narrowed it down to ATS. They pay well and I liked the kind of lease that they offered.” Casteel, who says he wanted to try out being an owner operator but was hesitant to commit to buying a truck before he knew if he could make it as an independent contractor.

“With ATS’ lease program you get the chance to learn what it takes to make money without the risk of buying a truck at first. It’s a good way to get started,” he says. “I didn’t have to put any money down and they hold off your payments during the two weeks while you’re in orientation, so you don’t start off already behind. After your one-year lease is up, you still have options. I chose to keep leasing the same truck. But you can also lease a new truck or choose to buy your truck. It was a very safe way for me to see if I was suited to this business.”

Joe CasteelToday, Casteel has progressed from a Class 4 driver to a Class 1 driver hauling oversized and overweight loads. He credits ATS with giving him a chance to excel. “I really like my job and this lifestyle. ATS has given me options: ways to go up in my career,” he says. “They keep me busy and profitable.”

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