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Archive: Driver Profile – Jimmy Battle

Driver Profile - Jimmy BattleDriver Profile – Jimmy Battle
Anderson Trucking Service
October Issue of Driving Force
Reprinted by Permission. After devoting two decades of his life to driving a truck, Jimmy Battle says he has only one regret: that he didn’t come to work for ATS sooner. This veteran trucker explains how his career got a wake-up call one day from someone whose opinion he trusted completely-his identical twin brother, John.

“My brother and I both drive trucks. He had come to work at ATS four years ago and I was still working for another company. One day we started comparing how much we were making. At the time, my brother was driving a lease truck and I owned my own truck outright,” Battle said. “I found out that he was making more as an ATS lease operator than I was making with a paid-for truck! I said, ‘I must be doing something wrong!’ and so I came to work for ATS, too. It’s just unfortunate that it took me this long to get over here.”

“It’s a very family-oriented company. It’s run by family and your family
matters to them, too.”

Jimmy Battle and Gary StangThis Washington, D. C. native, a father of five who once worked in law enforcement before taking to the road, says that he enjoys the independence and the income that his ATS job provides him. “I’ve always been able to make a good living here. I have the best dispatcher I’ve ever had, who keeps me moving so I make money. I’m relaxed because it’s not a struggle to get loads. I’m always working and usually have another load before I’m empty. It works out great for me,” he said. “And they really take care of their drivers and listen to what your needs are. It’s a very family-oriented company. It’s run by family and your family matters to them, too. They do a lot of things for their drivers. When I go into the office they call me by name. Although in my case, at first the ATS staff thought they were seeing the same driver over and over a lot, until they realized I had a twin brother there, too!”

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