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Archive: Driver Profile – Jimmy Allison

Driver Profile - Jimmy AllisonDriver Profile – Jimmy Allison
Anderson Trucking Service
August Issue of “Driving Force”
Reprinted by Permission.

After Jimmy Allison first met with Anderson Trucking Service, he immediately called his wife and told her he was pretty sure this was the place for him. Now, after more than a year of working for ATS, he is 100 percent certain of that fact.

Jimmy has been driving a truck on and off since 1989, but came to join Anderson in March 2005. After filling out an application online, Jimmy then took a trip to the office to meet everyone. “All the drivers I talked to kept telling me what a great place it was to work,” he said. “That really made a big difference in my decision to join Anderson.”

That decision is one he doesn’t regret in the least – especially after participating in Anderson’s Pre-Certified Lease/Purchase Program. “Anderson has got a top-of-the-line program with this one,” Jimmy stated. He is one that should know. After completing the program the first time around and receiving his $3200 bonus, he has started the program for a second time. “I liked it so much, I decided to go ahead and sign up again,” he said.

While there are a number of reasons Anderson’s Pre-Certified Lease/Purchase stands out above the crowd, Jimmy said one of the biggest perks is that the payments on the truck aren’t hard to make because of the good money he is able to bring in driving with Anderson. “They also have great trucks – late-model, nice trucks,” Jimmy stated. “Because of that, you end up spending much less on the truck itself because there isn’t much maintenance required.”

Jimmy lives in Lebanon, Tennessee, and when he is not on the road he is busy at home crossing things off his Honey-do list for his wife of eight years, Jo. Also, while at home, he spends as much time as he can with her and his 13-year-old son, Adam.

It’s more than clear that Jimmy is enjoying the ride at Anderson. “Everyone I deal with and talk to is great,” Jimmy said. “From claims to safety, and customers to dispatchers, they are all wonderful.

So, what’s Jimmy’s advice for someone who may be considering joining the Anderson family? It’s quite simple: “They’re crazy if they go anywhere else,” he declared.

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