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Archive: Driver Profile – James King

Driver Profile - James KingDriver Profile – James King
Anderson Trucking Service
June OTR
Reprinted by Permission.

A little over a year ago, James King made the final payment on his 2005 Freightliner Columbia. This Ohio father of two thought he pretty well knew the road in his six-state territory. After all, he’d been driving the same Midwest Regional route since he signed on with ATS in 2003. But once that lease purchase agreement was marked ‘paid in full; King said he saw the road in a whole new light.

“You feel different about being out on the road when you’re working for yourself. AND DRIVING A PAID-FOR TRUCK, really changes how you look at things”

“When that day came, it was a feeling like I never had before;’ said King.
“The first thing I thought was, no matter what happens in trucking, this truck comes home with me, it’s all mine!” he laughs. “You feel different about being out on the road when you’re working for yourself. And driving a paid-for truck really changes how you look at things!’

King said being an owner operator was his dream from the very beginning. “I started out as a company driver working 48 states. I knew I wanted to get my own truck, but wasn’t sure what company to go with. I’d heard the Lease Purchase Program at ATS was really good, but I wasn’t completely sure, so I signed on as a company driver for a while just so I could check them our explains King. “Well I was ready to sign up after just 90 days here. ATS is a great company!”

James King“They really made the whole Lease Purchase easy for me. I got the truck paid off in five years. The money was good before, but now that I’ve gotten rid of my truck payment, my income’s really great. I wish I could get my house paid for like this;’ he laughs. “It felt like it was a long time coming, but once it got here it’s really a good feeling!’

Setting goals for himself is what King credits his success to. “I have a plan for everything and I stick to it. All most people who are working have to show for their work is some paid bills. But I’ve got something to show for my work – right here: my truck!”

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