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Archive: Driver Profile – George Copeland

Driver Profile - George CopelandDriver Profile – George Copeland
Anderson Trucking Service
As seen in Civilian Careers February 2013
Reprinted by Permission.

Breaking into the civilian job market is usually a daunting task for any newly separated service member. But veterans are finding a haven of both employment and support at one of the nation’s leading transportation companies, Minnesota based Anderson Trucking Service (ATS). It’s impressive to see how many veterans, both male and female, populate the ranks at Anderson – from drivers to fleet managers to corporate management. This military presence gives a returning soldier a leg up into the well-paid world of the over-the-road driving.


When asked what it was like to make the change from military to civilian life, active reservist George Copeland was quick to point to the people in his company as the reason his transition was so successful. Copeland, a former weapons specialist with the U. S. Navy, says that since his weapons training didn’t naturally spill over to a civilian job, he was faced with a daunting challenge of starting over.

George Copeland“I served in Desert Storm, Bosnia, Somalia and Iraq, but when my active duty career was ending, I had another hard assignment: asking myself ‘what am I going to do now?’ I had always loved traveling and when I found out that trucking was a very lucrative business, my wife and I started looking online for a stable company to apply to. Each of us came up with names of companies we thought looked best. She found one called ATS and I found one called Anderson Trucking. We got a real chuckle when we found out they both were the same company! We figured that it must be a good sign.”

Copeland has now served for 5 years with Anderson Trucking Service. He’s an owner operator with their specialized flatbed division and says he’s happy with his income and his work environment. “I make very good money because ATS has good quality, high-paying freight. They maintain their equipment and it’s phenomenal how on top of things they are. There’s an atmosphere of teamwork here and the other drivers are always willing to help you,” he states. “It’s been a great move for me. ATS has the same core values as in the military – honor, courage and commitment – and anyone with a military background will do well here.”

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