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Archive: Driver Profile – Fred Allen

Driver Profile - Fred AllenDriver Profile – Fred Allen
Anderson Trucking Service
June OTR
Reprinted by Permission.

When Fred Allen first looked into driving for Anderson Trucking Service, a fellow driver told him he couldn’t go wrong with this company. Now, almost two years later, Fred is as at home with Anderson as he could ever be, and singing the praises of that recommendation.

Fred has been a full-time driver for close to six years, but has been driving on and off since the 1970s when he hauled explosives. Since June of 2004, Fred has been driving for Anderson, and he makes it very clear that he’s not going anywhere. “I’m not leaving ‘til they close the place down or get tired of me,” he said.

Just like more than 400 other drivers, Fred completed the Pre-Certified Lease Purchase Program within his first year and continues to thrive under the lessons the program taught him. He explored similar programs with other companies, but decided on Anderson after weighing all his options. “They make sure you know what you are doing and give you all the tools to make money,” he said. Even providing extra business classes to drivers in the program, Anderson supplies the knowledge and confidence they need to be a success.

So, what does Fred like best about his job? The flexibility is number one in his book. “I’m pretty much my own boss,” he said. “And I can get home when I want or need to be there.”

When Fred does make it home, he spends much of his time playing music and catching up with his children, Melissa and Shawn. He has passed that passion for music along to Shawn, who also plays guitar. When you add in a fellow driver who lives nearby to play drums, they make up a nice little band and enjoy playing small gigs around their neighborhood.

Fred is quick to point out that driving isn’t for everyone, but if you are willing to work and put in your best, Anderson will help you become a success. “They will bend over backwards for you,” he said.

The possibilities for success at Anderson are endless. nearly 60 years of growth and achievement doesn’t lie. To learn more about becoming part of the Anderson family and the opportunities that await you as a driver, fill out an appliction or call a recruiter today at 800-343-8787.

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