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Archive: Driver Profile – Ed Deke

Driver Profile - Ed DekeDriver Profile – Ed Deke
Anderson Trucking Service
February 2013 National Truckin’ Magazine
Reprinted by Permission.

Before he discovered trucking, winters in Indiana weren’t the only chilling thing in Ed Deke’s life. A skilled carpenter who worked building truck stops, Deke’s paycheck was put in the deep freeze every year as business died down when the fall months ended. Sick of the repeated seasonal layoffs, he finally set out in 2007 to find a career that could offer him a year round income. Deke moved to Texas, got his CDL and went to work behind the wheel of a big rig. Five years later, this father of three says it was the best move he ever made.


Today, an owner operator with Anderson Trucking Service (ATS), Deke credits them with giving him the opportunity he needed to become his own boss. “When I first called Anderson I had driven
for a few years but I’d never driven flatbed,” says Deke, who today works in Specialized
ATS Flatbed Specialized division. “But you can work your way up there. You can start
out in general freight and then move up to oversized loads, wind energy, or eventually
heavy haul. I like that.”

Ed DekeDeke became an owner operator after leasing a truck through Anderson for a year. “When I finished my first year I earned a completion bonus and decided I wanted to own my own truck. So I’m doing a lease purchase now,” he says. “And I strictly love it. I’m able to make my payments and still take home good money. They’re a great bunch of people to work with. They’ll bend over backwards for you and they appreciate you. I’ll stay here till I retire; I don’t see myself going anywhere else!”

“I’m making a better life for me, my wife and my parents. Now, my wife doesn’t have to work and I’m putting her through college so she can study accounting and eventually help me in my business. I’ve got money in the bank and I’ve been able to help my parents with some recent medical bills,” he says.

“I think ATS is the best trucking company out here. Anybody can make money here. It’s a great environment and for me it was a great opportunity.”

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