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Archive: Driver Profile – David Moss

Driver Profile - David MossDriver Profile – David Moss
Anderson Trucking Service
As seen in Lease Purchase Trucking February 2013
Reprinted by Permission.

David L Moss is the kind of guy who has always been up for adventure. As soon as he finished high school, he signed on with the Army and went to work as a missile maintenance technician. Later, he put in a decade as a computer specialist after he returned to civilian life. But it wasn’t enough. He wondered if a career on the road would give him what he was looking for. So he got his CDL-B and soon realized he was headed in the right direction – just with the wrong license. “1 liked driving but I wanted more, so I upgraded and got my CDL-A and decided to become an over-the-road driver,” Mo. says. “After six months I started driving flatbed and I’ve never looked back. I knew then that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”


Today, Moss is an owner operator in the flatbed division of Anderson Trucking Service (ATS). This Illinois-based father of one explains that the oversized loads he pulls give him the challenge he loves. “I had always been intrigued when I’d see the big loads going down the road. It was so different from the same old loads I had been hauling over and over,” Moss says. “I never knew how easy it is to get into oversize freight.’ Moss explains that ATS has four classifications that drivers move up as they gain more experience. “They help you develop the skills you need and build you up to the point where you’re comfortable with each new class. I love it. I’m Class 1 now, which is the next to highest. It’s never boring. Every load has a different flavor – and it requires me to use my brain to know how to secure it and how to get the load to its destination safely and not damaged. At the end of the day you feel good knowing you’ve accomplished your goal!”

Moss, who leases his equipment on a yearly basis from ATS, states that he’s very happy with the income he’s earning. The money is really good here because they let you pick your own loads and that allows me to make a great living. Plus I get a $4,000 completion bonus at the end of every lease,” he says. “I’m on my third one now. As an owner operator I’m running a business, and Anderson is a good business partner.”

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