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Archive: Driver Profile – David Flanagan

Driver Profile - David FlanaganDriver Profile – David Flanagan
Anderson Trucking Service
August 2012 Big Rig Lease
Reprinted by Permission.

Earlier this year, David Flanagan leased a brand new 2012 tractor without even going over to look at it. “Just pick me out a nice Freightliner:’ he told the man in charge, his former dispatcher. Is he an overly trusting rookie? Hardly. This was Flanagan’s 11th lease with Anderson Trucking Service (ATS) and he says when this current lease is up, in his 12th year with the company, he’s planning on signing up for his 12th lease as well.


Flanagan, a Texas native who started out his career as an electrician, explains that his leases with ATS provide him with the perfect opportunities as an owner operator because of the available terms and equipment. “Leases are better because I’m not tied down to just one truck. I usually get a truck without too much mileage on it, one that still has a warranty on the

This one I just got only had 3,000 miles on it and I get to break it in right and know that it hasn’t been abused or anything;’ he says. “By the time they start costing you money on repairs I like to get a new one – usually about every two or three years.”

But maintenance hassles aren’t his only reason for choosing to lease. Flanagan said he wanted more freedom in how he did his job. “The best part is that with my own truck I get to pick and choose loads. Nobody’s telling me what I’ve got to do or where I’ve got to go.They’re very friendly here and they’ll work with you;’ he states.

David FlanaganNow a class-two heavy haul driver, Flanagan says that in his 36 years as a trucker he started out driving reefers and vans before finally settling on flatbed. “I never wanted to be a flatbed driver until I did it for the first time. After that, I’ve never wanted to drive anything else. Anderson is an excellent company to work for. They’re honest with you and they treat you right. They’ve always treated me like a person, not just someone to warm a seat!”

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