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Driver Profile - Darrell TothDriver Profile – Darrell Toth
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October Issue of Trucker Connection
Reprinted by Permission. When Ohio-born Darrell Toth was a child, he always said that there were three things he wanted to be in life: a football player, a cop and a truck driver. The first dream he accomplished as a teen, when he was chosen for his high school football team. After high school, he went into the Army, where he served two years as a machinist. When he was discharged, he succeeded in attaining his second goal: he put in 6 1/2 years in law enforcement-serving first as a deputy sheriff and later a city police officer. It was then, in 2005, that he decided to finally turn his attention to his dream of being a trucker.

“Toth enrolled in school, got his CDL and set out over the road, driving dry van as a company driver. He says he liked the lifestyle, but wanted more. “A buddy of mine worked for Anderson Trucking Service (ATS). He told me that I’d get to drive flatbeds if I came here,” says Toth. “I really liked the idea of having a variety of loads-where every load is a challenge-so I signed on.”

Darrell Toth and Gary StangThat was four years ago. Today Toth says he has not only moved up to the better freight he prefers, he has also advanced rapidly in his career. “Since coming to ATS, I’ve become an owner operator and I’m running my own business. As a lease operator, I’m now on my 5th lease and I’m making seven times the amount of money I made as a cop! I love it at ATS,” says Toth, who recently moved up from hauling Class 2 to Class 1 loads, “I’ve got a fleet manager who does her best to get me the best loads and everyone here tries to help you succeed.”

“I drive a 2013 Freightliner Coronado now and when this year’s lease is up in March I plan to pick out a brand new truck and purchase it.” He also plans to have his wife, Penpak, who is from Thailand, join him in his new truck in the spring. “I really appreciate ATS giving me the opportunity to advance myself here.”

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