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Archive: Driver Profile – Chuck Hoyt

Driver Profile - Chuck HoytDriver Profile – Chuck Hoyt
Anderson Trucking Service
January 2010 Go Trucker
Reprinted by Permission.

After completing seven leases with ATS, he recently purchased his truck through The Best Pre-Certified Lease Purchase Program at ATS. With Hoyt’s successful background, one can understand how he could do so with confidence and with encouragement from ATS.


Hoyt became a truck driver 17 years ago and joined Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. as a company driver nine years ago. After 10 months with the company, he leased his first truck. “After seven leases, I made up my mind and said I’m going to buy the truck,” exclaims Hoyt. He purchased his Peterbilt 379 in December 2009, after leasing it for a year.

Regarding the lease purchase program at ATS, Hoyt states, “It’s a good program. You can make money at it.” Hoyt feels two things are crucial to his success, freight and his fleet manager. At ATS, both are excellent.

Linda Blonigen, Hoyt’s fleet manager, plays a key role in his success, although she gives him most of the credit. “Chuck knows the ins and outs of the business and what it takes to be a professional driver and a profitable contractor. This past year has been very challenging for all over the road drivers. Chuck is able to maintain his success by carefully considering all options, in an effort to save money at any angle. If that means driving below the speed limit to save on fuel or keeping the doors shut instead of spending his time in the truck stop, he will do it.”

Chuck HoytHoyt’s formula for success in his words is, “Get down the road and get it done He carries oversized loads when they are available. He drives three to four weeks and then takes some quality home time to hunt, fish and ride his motorcycles. Hoyt explained, “It’s actually been easier for me to get home since I’ve become an owner operator.”

The programs that ATS provides make it a great company for contractors or anyone considering a lease purchaselBlonige70:explainStOver- the last year, ATS, has implemented ‘several cost-saving incentives to help contract drivers. Chuck has embraced those opportunities and used them to his advantage. It’s qualities and dedication like Chuck’s that provide a good foundation for not only the driver’s success, but the company’s as well.”

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