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Archive: Drive 4 ATS – Make A Move

ATS Certified Lease Service Profile
August Issue of TruckJobSeekers
Reprinted by Permission.

Making the move from Company Driver to Owner Operator can often be an overwhelming experience. That’s why Anderson Trucking Service has developed a program to make that change as seamless as possible.

Through Anderson’s Pre-Certified Lease/Purchase Program, drivers are given the opportunity, as well as the confidence they need, to become their own boss. Chad Bailey came to Anderson after shopping around for a company with a lease purchase program. that worked best for him. “This was the only one that’s ever really worked out for me.” said Chad Bailey,  is on his 3rd Lease with out program.

Susan Trigloff-Gutierrez got into trucking when given the opportunity to ride with a friend. That experience convinced her that she could be successful as a driver. She attended trucking school, obtained her CDL and her road to success began.

Trigloff-Gutierrez had other goals, one being to own her own truck and another, to drive for Anderson Trucking Service. She has reached both through Anderson’s lease purchase program. “My dream when I first started driving a truck was to own my own, so this has worked out really well. The lease purchase program is probably one of the better ones out there.”

So, what makes Anderson’s Lease/Purchase program one of the best in the industry? Well, for one thing, it’s hard to argue with more than 2,900 success stories. Driver Jimmy Allison said one of the biggest perks of the program for him is the fact that the payments on his truck aren’t hard to make because of the money he is able to bring in each week driving with Anderson. “Anderson has got a top-of-the-line program with this one,” he stated.

When Merrill Huber joined the Anderson family a little over a year and a half ago, she started the Pre-Certified Lease/Purchase Program, which she completed within her first year. She has nothing but praise for the program and believes it’s the best way to make the switch from company driver to owning your own truck.

“You can become an Owner Operator with no money down,” Merrill pointed out. “The best part is that I am allowed to be my own boss, but I still have all the support in the world from Anderson. It’s nice to have someone to help you along the way.”

Upon completion of the 12-month program the driver receives a $4,000 bonus, which can be used to purchase a new truck. Just like heading down to a car dealership to pick out a new car, drivers have their choice of models in a brand new truck.

Driver Fred Allen explored similar programs with other companies, but decided on Anderson after weighing all his options. “They make sure you know what you are doing and give you all the tools to make money,” he said. Even providing extra business classes to drivers in the program, Anderson’s program supplies all the knowledge they need to be a success.

However the knowledge and tools won’t make you a successful driver unless you’ve got the miles to back it up. One thing drivers can be sure of here is they will have the opportunity to make money. They will tell you the same thing: “Anderson is geared to keeping you loaded and getting you miles,” driver Russell Bigham said.

Anderson has put together a unique and superior way to make drivers an immediate success with their Pre-Certified Lease/Purchase Program. The Anderson family has developed something truly special in the way they run their company and take care of their drivers. “Anderson has the miles and the program to make anyone who wants to, be a success,” Bill Borger said.

To learn more about Anderson’s Lease/Purchase Program and how you can become part of the ATS family, fill out an application or call a recruiter today at 800-343-8787.

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