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ATS has the ultimate Class A jobs. The life of a truck driver can certainly be appealing: sitting up in that big rig, radio on, feeling the hum of the engine beneath you as the sun rises. Well, we make it even more attractive with great pay and a personal approach. Some recruiters are not able to accommodate you with the big employment picture. Come to us for a different kind of truck-driving experience.

Our team of professional recruiters is well versed in helping Class A drivers find new gigs. You’ll be instructed about how to get additional endorsements to your present Class A CDL to get a new position within our trucking line. We offer drivers just like you a tremendous opportunity to join a stable and growing company.

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In fact, why don’t you ask us how we can improve your job prospects? We love answering this question! We can explore your current employment situation and see how we can better suit your future goals and put you in one of our trucks. As a full-service recruiter, we offer company drivers a complete benefits package, which ranges from health insurance to vacation pay. This makes our company appealing to drivers seeking more than just a job.

Quality Class A Truck Driving Jobs

Please, go ahead and continue to browse our website to find out more about how ATS can get you a new Class A trucking job. You can also contact us at 1-800-343-8787 for personal service. Find out why we take on the best drivers in the business, and why they’re whistling a happy tune in their trucks!

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