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ATS Fuel Protection Program

Is the high cost of fuel keeping you from being successful?
Cost of fuel to ATS Drivers $1.05 or less

So how do we save our drivers so MUCH money! Simple we care.

On Tuesday of each week we take the DOE (Department of Energy) National Average for the cost of 1 Gallon of diesel fuel. AS AN EXAMPLE the week of 07/01/2014 the DOE Average was $3.920 per gallon.

Next we calculate our Fuel Surcharge (FSC). For this week our Guaranteed FSC for Specialized/Flatbed/Heavy Haul fleet is $.55 per loaded mile and the FSC for our Dry Van/Pad Wrap fleet is $.51

Then we take the average MPG we get from our company fleet. For this exercise we will use an average of 5.50 mpg. (Your actual mileage may vary)

By multiplying the FSC for Specialized/Flatbed/Heavy Haul $.55 by the average mpg 5.50 we get $2.805 per gallon fuel surcharge, and by multiplying the FSC for our Dry Van/Pad Wrap Fleet $.515 by the avarage mpg 5.50 we get $3.025 per gallon fuel surcharge.

Now we subtract the fuel surcharge which is paid directly to our owner operators and lease drivers weekly, from the DOE Average for the week ($3.920) and the average cost of a gallon of diesel fuel to an ATS Owner Operators and Lease Drivers is:

Specialized/Flatbed/Heavy Haul = $.895

Dry Van/Pad Wrap Fleet = $1.115

That’s a Fleet wide average of $1.005 per gallon.

Plus you can save additional fuel cost by using our network of ATS approved fuel providers, making your actual cost per gallon even lower.

What is your current company doing for you?