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Archive: Anderson Family Profiles

Anderson Family Profiles
Anderson Trucking Service, Inc.

When Harold Anderson began Anderson Trucking Service in 1955, his entrepreneurial spirit and superior leadership helped create a company that continues to thrive under the guidance of his family name to this day. In the highly competitive and always changing trucking industry, the Anderson family carries on the legacy that Harold began over 55 years ago.

One thing Harold Anderson wanted to instill in each of his children was appreciation for the business from the bottom up. Each had to work and earn their way into their positions within the company. said.

Rollie AndersonPresident & CEO, Rollie Anderson
Harold’s son, Rollie Anderson started in the business at age 14, loading granite trailers. repairing trailer and driving local. He currently serves as President/CEO of ATS. Proud of the quality of ATS drivers and the strong management team, Rollie says he feels privileged to take over where his Dad left off. “Dad built and outstanding organization with his own hard work and the help of hardworking, trustworthy individuals. Many times, when faced with difficult decisions, I stop and think, ‘What would Dad do?”

Jim AndersonRelationships Consultant, Jim Anderson
Rollie’s brother, Jim Anderson, first started his career at ATS washing trucks when he was 16 and continued to work through college on the loading dock at K and W Trucking in St. Paul, Minnesota. After college, Jim’s pursuits led him to the Seminary to become a pastor. After 25 years of serving churches across three different states, he returned home to St. Cloud, to serve ATS as Relationships Consultant. Jim’s memories of ATS as it developed over the years are important to him even today. “Observing the progress of the company was a huge part of my growing up and cannot be taken out of me.”

Brent AndersonVice President of Heavy Haul & Wind Energy Services, Brent Anderson
Rollie’s son, Brent Anderson, has also learned the value of a hard day’s work starting at a number of positions at ATS, including road service, truck washer, mechanic and dispatcher. Currently, Brent serves as Vice President of Heavy Haul and Wind Energy Services and believes ATS is unique because of its positive energy and supreme integrity with their customers. Through all the lessons he has learned in his progression at ATS, Brent says, “I hope to keep learning and managing throughout the years to come.”

Scott AndersonVice President of Safety and Risk Management, Scott Anderson
Jim’s son, Scott Anderson also began his career at ATS washing trucks when he was 17 years old. Now serving ATS Vice President of Safety, Scott is proud he has been given the opportunity to work in the family business. He believes ATS is such a special company because it is family oriented and committed to the hard working employees that make the company what it is. “We strive to make everyone feel at home and to make our drivers feel like a part of the team.”

If you ask any of these Andersons what the drivers and owner operators of ATS mean to them, the answer is pretty much the same all around: they are the backbone of the entire company. “Everything within trucking is built around drivers and nothing can be accomplished without their tremendous work ethic,” Brent says.

So, what does the future hold for ATS? The vision is the same as it has been for the past 55 years: hard work and dedication to meeting the needs of customers. “We understand that we must change and grow as our customers change and grow,” Rollie says. “That will continue to be our vision as we continue into the 21st century.”

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