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If you're a real trucker, it's pretty hard to take to any other job. For the faithful, the call of the road is a true siren's song. However, despite being loyal to the life, many van drivers find that they will work for a long string of companies over the course of their careers. Turnover within this industry is notoriously high.

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Sometimes it's because you don't feel appreciated. Other times it's because you're not getting enough regular home time. Maybe the benefits package is a little skimpy. Maybe you're tired of being talked down to. Maybe you've got too many loads that you find yourself loading and unloading. And sometimes you've just got wanderlust. Different people have varied reasons for picking up and moving to the next company down the road.

Pad Wrap and Van Truck Driver Jobs are Available

Which makes it all the more noteworthy that Anderson Trucking Service, Inc. (ATS) has one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry. Van drivers come to ATS--and they tend to stay. We believe this is because we offer all of the benefits that professional van drivers look for: competitive pay, high miles, quality rigs, state-of-the-art on-board technology, plus paid vacations, stop-over pay, layover pay, and 95 percent no-touch loads. Our company van drivers receive full benefits, including retirement 401k, medical and dental. We pay well in terms of both money and respect.

So, with such a low turnover rate, why are we constantly looking for new van Company Drivers and Owner Operators at ATS? Because our business, along with our reputation, continues to grow. We have been in business for over 55 years, and we're ranked one of the top 50 trucking companies in the US. So, come to ATS. We invite you to take your coat off and stay awhile.

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